LTR_STRUC (LTR retrotransposon structure program) is a new data-mining program that scans nucleotide sequence files for LTR retrotransposons and analyzes any resulting hits. Input files can be in fasta or NCBI flat file format.

Software request & questions:

  • For requests : Dongjo Ban ( )
  • For questions: Vinay Mittal ( )

Please note:

  • LTR_STRUC is available for non-commercial (academic and research) purpose use only. (see the license).
  • LTR_STRUC is no longer under development.
  • The software is available for the Windows (XP or older versions) systems only. Due to the unavailability of the source code, LTR_STRUC can not be compiled for other platforms.

McCarthy, E.M., and J.F. McDonald. 2003. LTR_STRUC: A novel search and identification program for LTR retrotransposons. Bioinformatics 19: 362-367. Pubmed