Atlanta’s Ovarian Cancer Institute breaking new ground on early detection, treatment

Ovarian Cancer Institute

Saporta Report (September 13th, 2021)

It’s one of those cruel realities. By the time most women are diagnosed with ovarian cancer, it’s often too late to cure.

But an Atlanta gynecological oncologist and his team of scientists and researchers are trying to change that reality.

Dr. Benedict Benigno, founder and CEO of the Ovarian Cancer Institute, feels he is close to reaching the “Holy Grail” – developing an accurate test for the early diagnosis of ovarian cancer. The Institute is about six to eight weeks away from getting the results of how effective its early detection test has been on a trial of 800 women.

“If the early diagnostic test is as successful as I think it will be, it will be a monumental contribution,” Dr. Benigno said in an interview. “It is one of oncology’s Holy Grails. There’s a 92 percent chance of survival if ovarian cancer is diagnosed at Stage 1.”

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