Unique Partnership Yields Promising Results at the OCI

MDNews (Oct. 04, 2012)

When news came that researchers at the Ovarian Cancer Institute (OCI) had come up with an assay that could detect ovarian cancer in as little as a single drop of blood with near 100% accuracy, it was music to the ears of Benedict Benigno, M.D., who has spent his career treating patients with this disease.

Dr. Benigno founded OCI in 1999 with the mission to develop innovative research that leads to earlier detection and more efficacious and less toxic forms of therapy. The research team – composed of OCI Chief Research Scientist and Georgia Institute of Technology biology professor John McDonald, Ph.D., Georgia Tech chemistry professor Facunco Fernandez, Ph.D., and Georgia Tech computer science professor Alex Gray, Ph.D. – is continuing to further refine the early detection test for ovarian cancer that preliminary results have shown to be extremely accurate and specific. (full story..)